Windows Phone 7 Game: Push

Daniel published a very cool, higly addictive game for Windows Phone 7. It is an implementation of the well known classic Sokoban game. It comes with 50 levels of varying difficulty and is very challenging and rewarding. You can check out the free trial here. The game has many challening levels but I think the best thing about it are the controls. You can resize the game grid by performing a pinch gesture on the screen, and flick or drag the screen around while playing. Moving the cubes is also much better then in other sokoban games. Just position the main character next to the cube you want to push, tap on the cube, and then tap on a cell you want to push the cube into. The great thing is that if there are no obstacles the main character will move to any cell you tap on in a shortest possible way. It also has a settings abortion pill indiana page and undo, redo buttons.

Try Push for Windows Phone 7

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